From the screen to the page and back again

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Episode 1: Avengers (TBD)

Episode 2: Jessica Jones (TBD)


About the Podcast


The goal of Graphically Novel is to take your favorite media that was inspired by a comic book and introduce you to a single graphic novel you may like. Our mission is to give you a starting point so you don’t have to find one yourself.

From our very first episode, linking the 2012 Avengers movie to the Marvel Ultimates graphic novel, we strive to provide a low-spoilers way to delve into the world of comics using your favorite shows, movies and cartoons as an entry point.

Our episodes are dropped every two weeks on Saturday mornings. We drop 12 episodes in a season and then break to recover and plan. Stay tuned to this page for updates, special episodes and to reach out to us with any questions!

We are excited and proud to take you from the screen to the page and back again!



Photograph property of Silhouette Studios

Photograph property of Silhouette Studios

Josh Wasta (aka FalloutFieri)

Josh previously co-hosted the podcasts “Digital Llama” and “Digital Llama: Player’s Guide”. If you can manage to unearth them from the bowels of the internet, let him know because he’d love to bury them again.

An avid comic book fan, he has collected and read comics off and on since he was six years old. He lives in Cedar rapids, Iowa with his loving partner (and sometimes co-host) Jennifer and two Yorkshire Terriers named Oliver and Odie.

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Ben Wieser (aka Bear)

Ben is a newcomer to the podcast scene. He's your standard modern geek with a thirst for TV and movies (and fine beer!). Ben lives on the other side of the Cedar Rapids “war zone” from Josh; close enough to walk home after a long night of ... recording.

Special Guest Hosts

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Jennifer Howland (aka Baronessah)

Jennifer joins Graphically Novel from time to time to share her views as a comics dilettante. Lover of all things dark and weird, she provides Elvira-like comic relief and Morticia's gothic perspective garnered from art films, Andy Warhol, David Lynch, Jim Jarmusch...the weirder, the better! 

Jenn has a deeply buried and storied past as the host of a local artist showcase, Is It Art? on Chicago community access TV. When not consuming media, Jenn has found her inner Poison Ivy through a love of gardening and seeks to further bring a goth aesthetic to the 130-year-old home.


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